Rev It Up! Coffee, Kindness Served

Rev it Up! Coffee 1211 W Main St  Richmond, VA 23220

When I was first thinking up this project, before I had even thought of the name U2RVA, Rev It Up! was exactly what I had in mind when it comes to local and small businesses in Richmond worth mentioning.


I arranged to meet early at the shop shortly after they opened at 7:00 a.m.

Rev It Up! Coffee, formerly owned by couple Sharon and Dave Taylor, has been located at 1211 W. Main St. just over a block from VCU’s Monroe Campus in The Fan for about three and half years. Now owned by Fan Residents, Richmond native, Vicki, and her “honey”, now husband, Steve. Vicki is a very kind and friendly lady who is always ready to serve and compelled to chat with any of her customers. Among her employees are John, there two years and serves from behind the counter. Then there’s Jason, the chef and catering coordinator also here two years.

How it Revs!

Vicki and her Man have owned the cafe for year; one of the late Ed Eck’s colorful units along Main Street’s stretch of galleries. What actually convinced Vicki to take over Rev It Up! after moving into The Fan a few years earlier were the employees, and the service and kindness she was greeted by. At that, we agreed how important service is to businesses and she asserted that they will do anything to make a happy customer. Before even being asked what makes Rev It Up! unique to Richmond Vicki added that it is their service and friendliness to everyone who walks in through the door. Excited to have you she’ll even catch you up on her day-to-day as you wait for your food to be prepared. It doesn’t stop here either.  They will even be happy to create sandwiches and modify menu items how you would prefer them. In fact, there is a sandwich they call the Sarah – just guess why.

The core clientele of Rev It Up! are locals from The Fan and commuters, mostly the foot traffic of VCU. Like their the customers, the foods, beer, and coffee are all sourced locally. The breads are baked and delivered from downtown’s Weiman’s Bakery near Shockoe Bottom. The fruits and Vegetables are from Loving’s Produce, the coffee is from Carytown Coffee, and some of the beers are from local breweries, Star Hill in Crozet near C’Ville, Devil’s Backbone in Lexington, and our very local Legend Brewery across the bridge in Manchester; among others. Not only is all the food local it is all prepared from scratch by Chef Jason who spent some time catering for William & Mary College before coming to RVA.

No Change in Sight

Among many other aspects of Rev It Up!, Vicki couldn’t see herself changing the menu, so they left it alone; with the exception of the layout. They have added items, however, to delight the curious taste buds of their patrons. On blackboards leaning against the wall over the cabinets are the many interesting additions they have made available. One that stands out is the new addition to dessert. They now have an assortment of ice cream Some items not on the boards inside are specials and as mentioned before, creations of your own.


I cannot forget the catering. Essentially if you can think it up, after a consultation, chef Jason can put it together for you – BBQ, menu items, whatever, and it’s done. Also the restaurant’s seating area is available for event space in the evenings. Artists and musicians and may have shows and have some catering provided for their events.

Rev It Up! Coffee is here for you Monday through Friday from 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening. That’s breakfast and lunch and coffee, and now dessert, when you really need it. Bring a Friend and if they are not already there ready to serve be ready to make some ones. I really enjoy taking to Vicki and receiving the service you can’t find many other places.

Again you find them at on Facebook and at their new website.


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