TEDxRVA StageLast week one of the most incendiary experiences influencing  today’s culture came to Richmond.

TEDxRVA, an extension of TED, is among the most phenomenal settings where I have had the pleasure to hang out. It turns out sitting for hours and listening to people talk can cause such a buzz – In a good way, of course.

The theme of TEDxRVA was CREATE – and so we did. One lady spoke of creative design solutions to prevent medical mix-ups at home. Another man seemingly winged it and still managed to enchant the audience – he couldn’t have had enough time to share. Whether they were poets or teachers they inspired every soul inside the the once dormant power plant.

Lead by Andy Stefanovich and his gang of tireless contributors, the event ran amazingly smooth. There is a whole lineup inspiring people I would love to share about, but my notes would not do any justice. However you can find the list of speakers on TEDxRVA’s website to learn more about these amazing, creative people.

Paintings Paintings, Mural, and Art


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