Balance Bicycle Shop

Richmond Bike Shop store front, RVA,

A business major at VCU, Greg Milefsky combined his trade and his passion to create, Balance Bicycle. “One day talking to my dad I said, ‘I think I’m going to start a bike shop.’ he replied… ‘that sounds good.’ And that was that.” Balance Bicycle was born. Located on Brook Rd. for just two years, Balance Bicycle has recently moved to 904 W. Broad St, closer to the Monroe Park Campus.

Greg’s Service

What sets Balance Bicycle a part is Greg’s willingness to help anyone that comes into his shop. Borrow a tool, straighten a tire, change a tube. If the job is small enough, he may even do it for free. When I pried to know more, Greg just smirks and explains, “I try to be friendly.”

Greg sells new, used, and customized bikes. Balance has any other bike accessories you may need, as well. If they don’t have it, they’ll order it for you right away. Black and chrome bikes lin up throughout the clean store.

A Special Build

Greg seems most proud of the custom builds he’s set up over the years. Greg describes piece by piece what makes each custom bike a special build. You can read the passion in his expression as customers walk in and on each of Balance Bicycle’s Facebook posts. A recent one fervorously announces a new tool Balance has acquired,

Not sure why I am so stoked on this…but I am! New 1″ fork threading die and handles. Cuts, cleans, works great! If you have a fork with a few crossed threads or need more threads cut, bring it in here!

It’s even cuter to see that Pibby’s has also responded commending Balance on the useful tool.

I wanted to know more about Greg’s lifeline of bikes. Living in Richmond, everyone who decides to pick up biking has a laundry list of bikes stolen, lost, abandoned, and upgraded for. Greg’s list is a long one. He recalls his first bicycle experiences,

I felt cool riding my dad’s bike…First ever ever? It was a green bmx. A spray painted green bike called the Slimer bike… It was the slime bike from Ghostbusters because it was that color.

Greg laughs, “that was the first one ever.”

The real reason why I wanted to do a piece on Balance Bicycle Shop is because biking is not just for leisure or sport, it’s a community. Greg still keeps in contact with people he’s bought bikes from and sold bikes to. He’ll easily rake in over 60 miles a week with his riding buddies. And you don’t bike that much without having a few stories.


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