Portrait House

This week’s next bud to add to our Summer Palate is Portrait House, yet another incarnation of  2907 W. Cary St.


Only this time it sounds promising.

Hamooda Shami, the owner of Don’t Look Back Taco and New York Deli gives the former homes of Double T’s BBQ and Blowtoad this location in Carytown the simplicity it has needed for so long. Instead of high concept and complex operations, Portrait House concerns itself with only a few attributes: drinks, good food, and art. No one who comes here will be left out of any loops, or tricked into eating bull testicles.

What Set’s it Apart

The food is delicious, wholesome, and made only a few feet from where you eat it. The menu celebrates iconic images by naming hand-crafted burgers and pizzas after famous portraits – my favorite so far is Floyd Burroughs.

If you come here, you may be inspired to learn something about art or you may just fill your belly with something you can’t find at the VMFA.


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