From the first time I saw that baby blue awning bearing the name Dinamo and the windows with kraft paper concealing the machinations inside, I knew this was a covert operation at 821 W Cary St.

Baby Blue Awning

Ed Vasaio of Edo’s Squid, 8 1/2 Cafe, and Mamma Zu has been keeping this place secret for some time – and just in time for Spring, too.

The menu was posted early, hinting of Vietnamese  and Italian inspired offerings; from their breakfast soup to gelato, respectively. We had the House-Cured Salmon with cream cheese, capers, onion on crostini; and the Fettucine with english peas, and prosciutto.  The pasta can melt hearts with that prosciutto and was pretty filling alone, however, consider having dessert after the salmon to complete that meal.

“I paid for two of us what I thought I’d be paying for myself.”

Everything here looks to be on the pricey side but is extremely affordable, which is perfect for its VCU market. It must be the marble counter tops, tables with interesting stories, and the airplane propeller open/close sign that gives off that prestige. But really, go in and check it out.


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