Orange Carytown


3007 W. Cary St, Richmond, Virginia 23221

If you’re ever curious about what’s new in Richmond, you’re always bound to stumble upon a new thriving shop or restaurant in Carytown that wasn’t there a minute ago.

One of those places that just popped up in Richmond this summer was Orange, a gallery-like shop for crafted interiors and decor.

Orange is a really fun, creative space that functions as a home to many artists and many crafts. It was swiftly conceived and executed by VCU Arts alumni, Cathy Davis. She features the work of other artists and crafters who help out by taking turns manning the storefront from time to time.

The work in the store ranges from textile print designs and stationery to refinished furniture and crafty home goods. Most items in the shop are handmade and functional. And if you are a fan of Apartment Therapy, you’ll love coming here to see what can be done with somebody’s trash. There’s always something different each time you visit and everything is as unique as the person who made it.

We actually had the pleasure to meet a few of them: Cheryl Shanahan of Lucky Ginger Studio, Stephanie Ruffin of Dreamer’s Holiday, and Anne Decamps of Anne Hues Designs.

The Artists, Themselves


Cathy is the perky and expedient owner/operator of Orange and is currently in her second round living in Richmond. Opening the store made a quick turnaround, from conceiving the idea in December when she realized her youngest is going to school this fall, to the brick-and-mortar product you see in Carytown now.

The concept of Orange is to provide an outlet for artists to sell their work while they create work at their own pace.


Lucky Ginger Studio

Cheryl is a well traveled, designer and self-taught photographer.  She is passionate about bringing the analog aspects of life back to the world. “There really is no substitute for that personal touch,” she notes as she recalls finding her grandparents’ love letters and journals in an attic after they had passed away.

Her work in Orange consists of destination-inspired stationery like her RVA gift, or Shore gift collections.


Dreamer’s Holiday

Stephanie is a pretty solid lady and a proud, self-proclaimed suburban housewife whose work Cathy stumbled upon while she was looking for merchandise to stock the store.

Stephanie first got into her craft by creating tags for personal use and when she had shoulder surgery, all she could do was cut. A lot of her work depicts vintage images from postcards and magazines. Nostalgia seems to be the drive for most of her work.

Stephanie’s work includes gift tags, matchboxes, and clipboards.



“Necessity is the mother of invention… and as a young woman, we needed furniture!” Anne explains this is how she first got into painted/refinished furniture. She is a warm and personal character. By trade, she is a teacher but answers to “artist”- in “equal measure”. She used to teach high school English but has recently returned from teaching in Honduras for two years.

Anne shares a lot of the floor space with other artists who also refinish and paint used furniture. You can also find her on Etsy.


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